This are just a few direct cut and paste references for Zig Khersonsky at Khersonsky Corporation. I can forward over 400 more as well as provide the original documents. Reputation takes a lifetime to build, I spent my lifetime building my.


Mr. Zig Khersonsky


Thank-you, thank you for your most generous $10,000 donation to Cancer Care Services. I know you have made significant donations in the past and we are most grateful for your help.

Your gifts make a world of difference to our clients and their families who are facing a harsh daily battle with cancer and don't have the financial resources to fight the good fight. Because of your gifts and gifts from other generous people we can extent a financial safety net and offer important emotional support.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and clients of Cancer Care Services, I want to express our deep gratitude and invite you to visit our facility anytime. You will be able to take pride in our new home, in the programs and services we offer and appreciate the difference your contributions make to the cancer patients we serve.

Marlene L. Beckman
Cancer Care Services Board President




You have been one of my most favorite clients. If all clients were as honest and nice as you, every lawyer's job would be much easier.


Allison M.
Fulbright and Jawoski





    I hope you are well my good friend.   Please know,  I will never forget the confidence you instilled in me to start my business. It is not always easy, but it has flourished so far. Thank you for believing in me.


Alfonso Kennard, Jr.
Attorney at Law

Kennard Blankenship & Robinson P.C

Board Certified
Texas SuperLawyer

2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013







 I appreciate the detail of your offer, and gladly accept it. Thank you for your honesty, celerity, and transparency.


Seth Heine
CollectiveGood Mobile Phone Recycling


Dear Zig


It has been my pleasure over the last several years to work with you in the liquidation of our pagers and phones. In a world where business is not always a pleasure, you have made it enjoyable and fun.

Thank-you for making my job so easy and rewarding.

Vicki Calamaro
Operations Manager, Metrocall
Seattle Distribution Center





The feeling is mutual! "I appreciate good people in this industry".. I hope we can do some businesses soon.

Michael E. Beardsley, CMIR
Verizon Logistics- Recovery Operations




Thanks so much for all the efforts to get this to work. There is no one in
the world I trust more than you to try every angle to make it work.

Phil Blanton
Operations Manager




....I want to
be 100% clear, I am a better person for knowing you and having you as my friend..

Randal McNallen

National Inventory Manager

TDS, American Paging

and then a partner CSI RCC Carrier




I am glad we've had a chance to finally meet. You are truly a wonderful person and I appreciate everything you do.

See you soon.

Erecycling Corp




Many, many thanks for your responsiveness, honesty and help. I very much appreciate your comments. It s a constant surprise selling (and buying!) via that medium. The good side of it though is that many solid relationships do develop as a result.

Best regards
Ron Wilkinson
mi-Biz Systems Pty LTD



. It has been very refreshing to work with a person who has such high business principles and understanding and living by what they say. Handshake deals are unheard of in today's business world where we have to make lawyers rich by getting them involved in every deal. If the circumstances ever arise again it will be a privilege to work with you again.

Mark Lelek
Kyocera Wireless Corporation




 I know you from way back too from the other companies your worked with and other companies that I have worked for.

I know your word is good as gold. One of the very few out there that can be trusted. I appreciate the opportunity to do a deal with you and hopefully more to come.

Thanks, Keith.

Touchtone Wireless LP


Panelist/Event Speaker- Reverse Logistics Association

Zig Khersonsky

Zig has set up several successful systems surrounding product fulfillment management along with proper recycling and disposition systems which have now become key in the reverse logistics and investment recovery fields. One of the contributors to the success of Consolidated Logistics is the simple but down to earth quality Zig has brought to the business, which is "I'm only as good as my word".

Above reference is cut and paste from Consolidated Logistics Team,


Hi Zig,


Your offer has been accepted. Thanks for jumping right on it and getting us cleared up so quickly. My other vendors could learn something from you. Thanks Zig !!

Ray Vassallo
RadioShack Service
San Leandro Ca


Hi Zig


I just received payment for the last shipment and just wanted to write and say thanks for all that you do. I hope to have another load in a week or so.

Aron Harris

Desert Wireless


I can't even express how happy I am to be working with you again my friend.

Your word has always been Gold at is so rare in this world.

Al Allen


Cellular Supply Corp

Houston, Texas


Hi Zig,


You are a great source of the information especially because you have the ability to do all kinds of additional services including complete refurbishment

and are always a good source of information for the domestic and international market.

Julie Spellman

ReCellular, Inc

Dexter, MI




Thanks so much for all your input and sample bid! I know for a fact you and I will establish a win/win relationship going forward.

Bryan N. Johnson

Sr Buyer

Cellstar Ltd


Dear Zig,

Since you have been part of the RLA faculty in the past, I would like to invite you back to this year’s Reverse Logistics Association Conference & Expo - Amsterdam. We still have opportunities for you to share your knowledge and challenges about Reverse Logistics by sitting on a panel or speaking.

Robert Hatfield
Director of World Wide Events
Reverse Logistics Association


Hello Leo,


Thanks for meeting with Sabir and I this afternoon.   As promised, here is the contact information for Zig Khersonsky.  I have conducted business with Zig over 15 years.  There is no one better in the asset dispositioning business.   Zig has extensive contacts in the industry and does business with most every company you can think of.  You will not find a more ethical businessman.  His word is golden.  I will include your contact information below so that Zig can reach out to you.   I hope Zig can be of valuable service to you and CVE.


Bob Shillo , Radio Shack , Cell Point  

Reff to Leo Kim CVE

Over the years Zig's organization has been the top paying and most reputable partner that we've worked with on the scrap sales.   I will also send you a list of other bidders but thought that Zig's significant partnership in this arena warranted special attention.


Mark Brausa /VP ValuTech Ref To Dave Robert “ Cricket Wireless” and to Gregory Brewer “Metro PCS “